Varun Bhat K N


Graduate Student specializing in Embedded systems and VLSI | Actively looking for Summer Internship/Co-op


Degree Department University GPA Graduation Year
Masters of Science(M.S.) Electrical Engineering Colorado State University 3.43 Dec 2017
Bachelor of Engineering(B.E.) Electronics and Communication Engineering Visvesvaraya Technological University 3.5 May 2013

Relavent Coursework:

  • Hardware and Software Design of Embedded systems (ECE561)
  • Advanced Computer Architecture Engineering (ECEN5593 UCBoulder)
  • Internet Engineering (ECE658)
  • Machine Learning (CS545)
  • Introduction to algorithms (CS420)
  • DSP using FPGA/ Software Defined Radio (ECE)
  • VLSI Design (ECE571)

Work Experience

Colorado State University (CO, USA)

Graduate Teaching Assistant (Jan 2017 - Present)

Colorado State University (CO, USA)

Web Developer (Aug 2016 - Present)

  • Designing tools to be in use for the Engineering department for the use by students and faculty, a few of which are deployed at the university level.

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) (Bangalore, India)

Project Engineer (Jan 2015 - May - 2015)

  • Designed and developed circuit prototype for three different medical devices.
  • Learnt the architecture of PIC micro controllers and used them for wireless medical instruments.
  • Interfaced hardware with Android application to control and store medical records on a remote cloud (AWS)

Freelance Developer

Software/firmware Developer (Oct 2014 - May 2015) Profile

  • Took up various software projects from
  • Worked on designing projects relating to Web Backend, Mobile Application, Firmware design and Network administration on cloud servers.

Tayana Software Solutions (Bangalore, India)

Software Developer (Jul 2013 - Aug 2014)

  • Modified and added features to the Signaling Server and Load balancer for sorting incoming calls and SMS from the SS7 network.
  • Worked on Call Screening plaTorm and integration with the Web interface, Short Message Switching Centre (SMSC); feature development and bug fixing.

Educational experience

Project Assistant Indian Institute of Science (Oct 2014 - Jan 215)

  • Implemented the hardware from the paper on “Design and Evaluation of a Robust Optical Beam-Interruption-Based Vehicle Classifier System”.
  • Redesigned the analog signal processing circuit with digital filters controlled by using Atmel Cortex M0 Microcontroller

Intern at Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) (Jan 2013 - May 2013)

  • Learnt the VLSI implementation of MIL-1553 BUS protocol.
  • Understood the interaction of MIL-1553 bus controller with remote terminals of various subsystems with the 8051 IP Core.
  • Also, implemented the same on an Actel FPGA Board in VHDL.

Intern at Dfygraviti Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • Designed and Developed a prototype circuit to receive IR remote key press data
  • Interfaced the hardware to android to provide Channel suggestions.


Python Web: Django, Bottle, Flask
  Scientific: Numpy, Matplotlib, Theano, Keras
C/C++ Libraries: Boost,STL C++11/14, OpenMP
  GPU: Cuda
Java Platform: Andoid
HDL   Verilog, VHDL, Chisel, SystemC
Scientific   Matlab, Simulink
Hardware Design   Eagle, Kicad
uC   AVR, PIC, Raspberry Pi, MicroPython, ARM
Web Design   HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Nodejs
Cloud Services   AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud Suite, docker
Databases   MySQL, Sqlite, Oracle, Mongo, Redis

Graduate Projects

  • VLSI: Designed the floor plan for an 8 Bit adder circuit with the help of individual gates matching the specifications using Virtuoso.
  • Internet Engineering: Designed a POC and tested a P2P IoT network implementation for service discovery using a distributed DHT.
  • Embedded Systems: Ultrasound tomography using FPGA
  • Machine Learning: Handwriting Recognition using Deep learning.
  • Graduate Project: Proposing a model for mitigating cross talk due to process variations in Photonic Network on chips

Independent Projects

  • Multi-interfaced Remote Network: Home Automation with Network of Arduino devices connected to switches, communicating to a central master controller (Raspberry Pi) connected to a Mobile and WiFi and Bluetooth. Allows receiving information from an Android or web Interface or sms/call to switch devices and receive sensor readings. (www)
  • Dictionary based Speech Recognition implemented using Matlab. Displayed the results of a game implemented using the speech recognition on a custom made 16x16 LED matrix.
  • OpenCV based path detection Robot using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. (www)
  • TxtWeb(API) based SMS Registration and Notification System, implemented for event registration(www).
  • Arduino based MP3 player with alarm Clock.
  • Other Github Projects (www)


  • IEEE Xtreme 6.0 (2012) : Achieved 4th in India and 166th worldwide. Under the team name Impetus Link
  • Awarded Best Outgoing Student for overall performance of the Batch-2013
  • Awarded Excellence in leadership By Forum of Reva Communication and Engineering (FORCE), 2012
  • Conducted workshops in PCB Design, Python, Arduino Programming, Web Development